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What is Adr




ADR Convention - European Convention on International Transportation of Dangerous Goods on Highways , to which we have become a party by signing it in 2009; some obligations have been imposed on the firms, which;


  produce dangerous goods,

 store hazardous goods,

 transport dangerous goods,

 load dangerous goods,

 unload dangerous goods and

 package dangerous goods


The headings: Purpose, Scope, Reference and Definitions have entered into force on January 1st 2011, but the entry into force of the agreement has been gradual as follows;


  Provisions related with marking, labeling and packaging on January 1st 2012,

 Provisions related with transportation vehicles / units on January 1st 2013,

 Other provisions on January 1st 2014



Purpose of ADR Convention


  Increasing safety for international highway transportation,

  Determination of provisions related with the classification, packaging, labeling and testing of dangerous goods including hazardous wastes basing on UN Recommendations on the transportation of dangerous goods, in a way that is compliant with the other transportation forms.

  Determination of the conditions related with the production, equipping and operation of vehicles carrying dangerous goods on highways.