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Waste Management





Today, the systematic and efficient use of the existing resources is the first priority in waste management. Due to the increase in the number of limited raw materials in the entire world, and due to the increase in the elimination prices, the problem is not the elimination, it is the sustainability and minimization of waste production and waste materials.

Therefore, we analyze the material flow of each production process together with our customer and help minimize the waste and excess amount that occur by developing the most appropriate material flow management.  





Services of Gwm Consulting in this Area:


 Material flow management

 Elimination/ recycling/ recovery solutions

Detection and trade of wastes

Trade of additional fuel and secondary fuels

Scrap detection and trade

Waste consulting

Project management



Waste Packaging:


Packaging and labeling in compliance with the internationally accepted standards are performed by our teams, who are trained and experienced, by helping take the necessary precautions for minimizing waste production. Under the communiqué on the transportation of the wastes to the highway, labeling in compliance with ADR is performed by using the UN - numbered packages, which are defined in ADR.


This service of us includes the collection of any kind of industrial wastes in compliance with the criteria related with the collection of any kind of industrial wastes and subjecting them to pre-process and making them ready for transportation.



Empty - Full Container:


We provide containers/ boxes/ barrels etc that are specific to your wastes and that are suitable for your area of storage and replace them with empty ones when they are full and by this way we provide advantage in terms of tidiness, time and costs. We also have transportation options suitable for your wastes and waste amounts. 



Waste export

Environmental Projects Investment Consulting

Independent environmental controls