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Is your company included in ADR scope? Are your dangerous goods also dangerous under ADR? Are you obliged to have DGSA? Do you know your legal obligations? If you have those questions or similar questions, please contact us, and we will assess your company.


a)      Training on introduction to ADR

b)      Checking state of inclusion in ADR scope

c)      Establishment of systems compliant with ADR for the firms within the scope of the legislation in force

d)      Performing GAP analysis for the processes

e)      Preparation of Risk Assessment and work plan

f)      Definition of legal notifications and obligations

g)      Performance of process and dangerous load analysis

h)      Matching the materials included within the scope with UN numbers

i)      Package labeling training

j)      Preparation of Checklists and instructions

k)      Determination and supply of packages as required under ADR