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About Us


Gwm consulting provides the following services with its expert staff and fund of knowledge:


Within the scope of hazardous goods:

 Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Service

 Checking inclusion within ADR scope

 Matching the hazardous goods with UN Numbers

 Package and vehicle selection under ADR

 Examination and reporting of processes

 Establishment of ADR ? compliant system

 Definition of legal notifications and requirements


Within the scope of WEEE

 Application support for compliance with the obligations of electrical and electronic goods producers

 Application support for compliance with the obligations of EEE distributors

 Consultancy support for compliance with the duties and responsibilities of the municipalities

 Global WEEE organization for the producers

 Facility choice and investment consulting for processing facilities


Our other services:

 Waste management

 Waste minimization

 Waste packaging

 Empty - full container / box system and waste logistics

 Waste export

 Environmental projects and investment consultancy Independent environmental controls